Carol took her first yoga class over 20 years ago. While always holding space in her heart and after many life experiences, she was able to become a 200hr RYT thru our teacher training program at Glow Hot Yoga Education Center in June of 2016.

She is pleased to be able to share her joy and deep love of yoga with others. Since experiencing, first hand, the benefits of The Glow Hot Yoga Signature Flow she is energized to assist our students reach their personal goals. Mind, body and spirit.

She believes a positive mindset, a daily yoga practice, wholesome balanced diet and a willingness to believe, can transform your life. At Glow Hot Yoga she finds a community of like-minded people, dedicated to these ideas. She began at Glow with the hope of getting into the best shape possible but found so much more. She is looking forward to growing together with our students and staff into the future.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” –Anonymous

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