Cynthea has a background in art, design and holistic health. After suffering physical injuries, 2 total knee replacements, surviving cancer and the roller coaster of life, always coming back to yoga. Her personal and professional practice has evolved to embrace, not only the physical benefits of asana, but also the emotional and spiritual.

She has a unique teaching style combining strength and grace with genuine joy and humor. Dedicated to assisting students of all levels in experiencing how the practice of yoga can benefit health & inspire daily life. Cynthea considers Yoga not only as a physical activity, but a lifestyle. Her interests lie in a energetic practice using graceful flows, attention to breath, combined with intention-setting, and good music to ensure presence and joy in each moment on the mat. Living in an International City like Long Beach with such a diverse population has given Cynthea the honor and privilege to work with students from all walks of life. Students from France, China, Japan and Mexico. Students who have disabilities, as well as different cultural and class backgrounds. From the young to the elderly. English speaking or non-English speaking. She is able to help them develop and grow in their yoga practice and in turn grow in them selves.

She believes in an integrated system of wellness that uses nutrition, breathing techniques, postures and meditation to bring about total health

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