Erika fell in love with yoga in the summer of 2015 when she started as a student at Glow. She went to the very first introduction class for new students and loved it. She went back every single day after that. Not only did she enjoy the practice, but she met great people that she is so blessed to now call friends. Glow became her “happy place” and her family and friends noticed how excited and happy she was going to class and soon they joined her.

When she found out about the teacher training she thought it would be a great opportunity to share her new found passion with others. Erika loves seeing new students come in for the first time, with hesitation and within a month the new students have the routine down, they lose weight, they become more confident in themselves and they too have made new friends.

Yes, this is the power of Glow.
She is so excited to have embarked on this new journey and looks forward to seeing the growing success of her Glow studio and yoga students.

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