Yoga Faq

Yoga means ‘to connect.’ Connecting between mind and body. When that connection happens – health and happiness follow.

Hot Yoga simply means doing Yoga in a Hot room. Our Hot Yoga class is a signature sequence that works your whole body, mind and spirit. The heat helps detoxify your body, focus the mind and ignite the soul.
Practiced to 105 degrees in 40-50% humidity, to a balance of silence and modern music.

All of Glow’s Hot Flow and Vinyasa studio classes are 60 minutes long. Hot 26 classes are 90 minutes long.
All our classes are all for beginners and all level.
Please stay in the room the whole time.
If you have to leave early, just info the teacher before class.
You are encouraged to sit down, or take breaks when ever you need to.

We recommend you arrive early to class to inform your teacher about your concerns and injuries.
They will be able to offer you personalized tips.
All our classes are safe and effective for ALL LEVELS and you will see a therapeutic healing benefit with continuous practice.
We also offer regular posture clinics and videos to help new students get familiar with proper alignment.

Wear comfortable athletic closes. Think light and sweat absorbing. Like swim wear.
Fitted clothes are more comfortable in the hot room.
Bring your yoga mat, towel and water bottle.
If you forget these items we rent mats and towels and sell water and yoga clothes so no need to miss class if you’ve forgotten to bring anything.
First time local resident students receive a FREE mat and yogi toe RENTAL. All you need is water.

We recommend practicing at least 3 times per week to feel the benefits from our yoga classes.
However, daily practice will maximize your benefits and truly transform your life.
Join one of our fun 30 day challenges to get started with a daily practice and have the support of friends and teachers!


SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle boarding. It is the fastest growing water sport in the world. You stand on an oversized surf board (called a stand up paddle board) and use a paddle to propel you across the water. SUP provides a beautiful view of the water while exercising your whole body.

SUP is surprisingly very easy for most people to do which is why is has grown in popularity. Our boards are extra stable to assist with your balance. Our instructors guide you and provide you tips for proper form and stability. We offer demos to prepare new students before they go out on the water.

You can wear athletic clothes or bathing suits, whatever you feel comfortable in. You will get a little wet even if you don’t fall in. Make sure to wear lots of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses! Wear sandals that you can easily slip off on our dock when you get on your board.

Yes, we love doing yoga on our SUPs and have developed a beautiful class experience for you. Yoga poses are modified on the board to make it accessible for beginners. There is something extra playful and fun about being out on the board practicing yoga. You get to take in the beautiful nature surroundings and have fun challenging your balance. Our SUP Yoga classes start with a warm-up paddle, then we drop an anchor to secure the board and begin our yoga class. After class we paddle back in bliss! Our indoor demo boards allow you to try yoga on the board before class.

A nice tan! Haha, no actually you get many different benefits from practicing SUP yoga. By being on an unstable surface you use internal balance and stabilization mechanisms which improves your balance on land too. You also activate your core muscles through the class to help you balance which strengthens them. Being surrounded by nature’s elements is very meditating and cleansing for your soul. Having to completely focus on your movements while practicing yoga on the board helps you train your mind to stay present and focused through your studio practice and other times in your days. Plus, it’s just down right fun!!