Matt is your adventure buddy and brotha of love. He loves art and wants to create a life into a living piece of it, incorporating new experiences as much as possible while keeping his loves of the ocean, traveling, dancing and of course yoga as a part of his life. Matt was introduced to yoga two and a half years ago as a Guinea pig for his good friend’s endeavor in her yoga teacher training program. Ever since that day, his first yoga class, held in jungle of his living room, he has been climbing deeper through this rabbit hole of a practice leading to places in his mind and body he would have never imagined to be. Yoga was a surprise for him, as he didn’t know how impactful this practice would be on his life and his journey to becoming the best person he strives to embody.

He graduated from CorePower’s teacher training program in August of 2015 after working and practicing at the studio consistently for the past 2 years.

He is excited to continue his journey as he hopes to cross paths with yours!

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