Sofia is from Monterrey, Mexico. She took her first yoga class in 2011 and it was the most physically and mentally challenged she’s ever been. After a few classes, she kept going and started to see how much stronger she was getting, both in and out. Her yoga practice became her daily meditation and that’s when she decided to be a yoga teacher.

After 2 years of practicing she got her first Yoga Alliance 200 hour Unified Yoga Certification through Peak Beings in Costa Rica. After that she started teaching classes and her practice got stronger so she got a Yoga Alliance 100 hours Rocket Yoga Certification through the Yoga People in her hometown Monterrey, Mexico.

For her yoga has been the best road she could have ever taken with her life. She believes that yoga comes to each and every one of us at the right moment in our lives, and she thinks the only way of reaching the real state of yoga is by creating this physical practice into a moving meditation, connecting through the poses, your body, mind and soul.

She always wishes to inspire and motivate her students.

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